Sunday, February 20, 2011

Earth's Special Forces

So I'm not sure if everyone knows about this, but ESF is a Half-Life mod that has been around since 2000. This video isn't brand new but I thought I'd might as well spread it around because everyone needs to know about this game. I think it's better than the actual DBZ games already out there, personally. 

video's kinda small, but w/e

Go to to learn about it.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

random mtg post

This is my rat deck. There are many like it but this one is mine.

17 Relentless Rats
1 Marrow-Gnawer
4 Dark Ritual
4 Diabolic Tutor
3 Corrupt
1 Disentomb
2 Coat of Arms
2 Thrumming Stone
16 Swamp
4 Swarmyard

 The Combo
Speaks for itself. Doesn't take a genius to think of this one, doesn't take 8 turns to execute either.
Even summoning Relentless Rats via ripple will still trigger an additional instance of ripple 4.
All rats on the field in one turn if you so choose, unless you get a horrible shuffle. 

These are my overkill cards. Being able to double the number of rats on the field for free is very fun. Coat of arms...? Ten 1/1 rats equals ten 10/10 rats. Who wouldn't include these? Coat of arms also basically doubles the effectiveness of Relentless Rats.

 I had to buy Thrumming Stones and they aren't cheap. There are a couple search cards out there with lower mana cost but this is what i had. Indispensable nonetheless.

Swarmyard is a great backup, and is needed all the time.
Disentomb comes in handy, but not worth having 4. would put 1 more in if I had it.

I sort of toggle these in and out... They are great but I draw them too early and it weakens the deck early on.

Cant afford to not have four of these in any deck.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Colts vs. Jaguars

Indianapolis marches into Jacksonville this- ah who cares, you know the Colts are gonna win. Peyton Manning is a friggin' touchdown tossing android from planet snooze. I wanna know the man behind the arm, and I want that man to be kinda stupid and crazy and make bad personal decisions with prescription painkillers and ladies of the night, who happen to be men. If you are gonna be an elite athlete worth followin you gotta retire every other week, or threaten suicide or marry someone that arouses me sexually. It aint about the stats. It's about havin someone I can root for or better yet someone I can belittle in my blog so I can feel like a big big man. I mean like Drew Brees, I mean sure your 13 and 0 big deal; you ain't accomplished nothing until you have been arrested outside a Manhatten night club for physically assaulting a police horse and tryin to eat it raw. If you want my respect I want compromising photos to surface of you in the bahamas with a shirtless Tony Kornheiser. I WANT SIZZLE! I WANT HEAT!  My point is: yea, whoopie. The Colts and Saints are Carl's stone cold lock of the century. uddaweek